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AboutWelcome to the Poland Power Crypto Miners connects investors like you to renewable energy mining facilities in a simple, fully managed experience. Our vision is to transform how people relate to money and energy. Enabling regular people to participate in mining ensures a bright future for Cryptocurrencvy..

Kicking off 2009 in hearts of Poland with extensive experience mining digital assets, operating high-growth data centres, and access to world-leading propriety hardware and software, has one of the most established and largest operations in the game. We provide cutting-edge computing infrastructure our Blockchain, enterprise, and Web 3.0 customers need to grow, build, and protect their business on the web. We value the planet and our local environment, which is why we strive to deliver maximum power while achieving our ESG targets.

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aboutConsulting company with strategy in business high growth has eight facilities that harness the power of Poland’s diverse energy sources from Warsaw to Wrocław to Krakow

We are taking an innovative approach at our high-performance data centres – which run on hydro and nuclear power – to bridge between traditional and nascent high-performance computing infrastructure and capture growth in blockchain, AI, and Web 3.0.

Our digital asset mining centres mine efficiently using an abundance of renewable energy. We have industry leading power purchase agreements, and operate in climates with cold temperatures and high winds, which are optimal for mining.


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Our mission is to unlock this massive investment opportunity for everyday people and solve Bitcoin's "Achilles' heel" of energy wastefulness through sustainable energy use.

Our mission is to make it affordable for regular people to purchase and mine Bitcoin sustainably. Towards that, for users who join our waitlist today, we are offering mining rigs at cost. ‍ We make a profit by being long-term partners with our customers, through the service fee we charge for hosting and maintaining your mining rig(s).


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Simply make a deposit of any amount into your account and you will start earning interest immediately on the package!

Due to the Capital Insurance that covers all accounts, its very impossible to lose your capital or profits here. Everyone is covered and Insured.

We only accept crypto deposits. Currently, we have decided not to pursue the option to allow users to deposit fiat currency due to uncertainty in regulatory requirements.


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