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To start using SunMining services, you need to select any available capacity. Make payment for the selected order. After receiving your payment, your order will be activated.

Your order will be activated after receiving a certain number of confirmations from the Blockchain network.

First of all, make sure you paid the full amount as in the order. When paying, do not forget about the commission for a network transaction. If you paid in full, but the order is not active, please contact our support service.

Payment is accepted in BITCOIN, TRON, USDT, ETHEREUM.. When placing an order, information about the order will be displayed, in which the address for payment will be indicated.

Funds are usually available within 2 business hours

1. Can I deposit from account balance?

Yes! To make a deposit from your account balance. Simply login into your members account and click on Make Deposit ans select the Deposit from Account Balance Radio button.

2. How fast is a trade?

Conclusion of trade usually depends on the parties. this brings rise to the questions: 1.How soon did the buyer send payment, 2. How soon did the seller send payment? If there is concentration from both parties, trade is usually as fast as possible as our team is always available to guild through the process

3. Can I loose my money here>

No, with the help of best insurance agncies and our experience; mining with us has been proven profitable from the last 3 years. We have not recoreded any losses.